Elektroerozívne obrábanie
Agie Charmille Drill 20
Electrode diameter   0.15 up to 3   mm
Maximum drilling depth   200   mm
Maximum workpiece weight   300   kg
Travel paths of axes X, Y and Z   300 x 200 x 300   mm
Work table size, length x width:   400 x 300   mm




Agie Charmille CUT 2000
  X, Y, Z travel350 x 250 x 256mm
  U, V travel± 70mm
  Max taper angle30 / 100°/mm
  X, Y, axes speed3m/min
  Dual measuring system for X, YŠtandard-
  Workpiece Dimensions (W x D x H)750 x 550 x 250mm
  Max. workpiece weight200kg
  Surface finish0.05μm Ra